For over 15 years the jewels of kadó collections are produced in our own factory in GermanyWhen jewelry design, the designers will always kadó the central questions of your tradition and modern interpretation. The factory is located in the cradle of the steel industryAgainst this background, created by the creative use of the legacy of the industrial culture a new approach to the most ordinary of all materialsMade of steel, they create, in a material with gold, diamonds and other precious stones and gems small treasures to great effect. Using the finest materials, the jewelery is handmade and are subject to stringent quality controlsso you can be sure to keep true gems in the handswhere you will last a lifetime.
In kadó jewelery not only brilliantbut also gemstones and cubic zirconia of the brand SWAROVSKI GEMS  are processed. These stones from the traditional Swarovski are ground in Austria and are characterized by their brilliance, purity, and an extraordinary ground-glass and precision processing.


In order to ensure consistent high qualitysets kadó special importance to good cooperation with world-class suppliers. For this reason, not only zirconia, but also gemstones and diamonds for the brand SWAROVSKI GEMS  are in kadó jewelery has always been processed for sophisticated Swarovski technologies guarantee brilliance and purityand exceptional ground joint and processing precision.

In 2010, SWAROVSKI GEMS  kadó and decided to make their long and successful relationship for the retail and private customers more transparent, and to give you greater certainty as to the unmatched quality and origin of the stones used.


Since its founding in 1895, Swarovski can demonstrate a significant history in terms of innovation and precision cuts of gemstones. Swarovski has the knowledge and experience of the precise grinding and polishing of stones that was collected in more than a century in the world famous crystal regionexpanded and genuine gemstones and created stones integrated into the corporate structure.

The SWAROVSKI GEMS  brand stands for real and synthetic gems and offers a unique selection of gemstones. Each stone is for the high Swarovski manufacturing requirements for color, shape, size and quality. The result is an unmatched durability and qualityto which no other brand zoom ranges on the market. This unparalleled creative vitality of products not only for the kadó a constant source of inspirationbut also for international designers.

Seal of Quality

All pieces of kadó Jewelry Manufactorywhich are equipped with stones SWAROVSKI GEMS are marked with SWAROVSKI GEMS  label.

The lanyard tags assure you and your customers that you have purchased stones of the best quality with unrivaled brilliance and precision.

Introducing a new dimension of brilliance - The Pure Brilliance Cut

For customers and retailers, the brilliance of the stone is one of the most important features and KaufkritärienSWAROVSKI GEMS  For this reason, has developed a new cut for cubic zirconia, which comes closer to a diamond of the highest quality cubic zirconia than any other so far.

For the first time in the history SWAROVSKI GEMS  has applied the ideal diamond cut with a cubic zirconia and created an entirely new dimension to the brilliance of the stoneThe Pure Brilliance Cut is the first Zirkoniaschliff which complies with the standards of the Gemmological Institute of America (GIAfor the classification of diamond qualitiesThe graph on the left compares the brilliance of a normal cubic zirconia, the Pure Brilliance Zirconia and a perfectly cut diamond Tolkowsky - measured by GIA test methods.

Every single Swarovski Zirconia has a quality and a guarantee of origin on a microscopic laser engraving (0.8 mm)which is not visible to the naked eye and affect the brilliance of the stone in any way. Only by using a magnifying glass engraving is to recognize and serves as a seal of quality for the most similar diamond cubic zirconia, which is available on the market. This quality seal is to you and your customers can be sure that

  • that these stones were cut by SWAROVSKI GEMS  exclusive
  • that you get the best zirconia stones available on the market
  • that these were ground Zirconia based on the GIA cut parameters of a perfect diamond
  • SWAROVSKI GEMS  that sustainability and social responsibility
  • that the ground of Swarovski Zirconia "Made in Austria" and thus represents a socially responsible and conflict-free alternative to diamonds.